After recruitment, our security personnel go through a basic training capsule, which lays emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Drill including bearing, posture training, saluting etc.
  • Turnout & smartness.
  • Body language.
  •  Basic duties.
  •  Various aspects of Education Institutes
  • Perimeter patrolling.
  • Gate duties and gate house handling
  •  Preparation of reports
  •  Fire Fighting.
  • First aid
  • Frisking
  • Motivation training including discipline, team spirit.
  •  Use of telephone and other communication channels


Weeks training of initially selected personnel
General & vigilance security training
Fire safety & control training
Focused project requirements training

weeks under-Field staff supervision training

Through constituted Supervisor teams


5.Based on quarterly reviews
Tests on conclusion of training
Documentation of trainings

Surface activation Chemicals

Jaavaa SAC – It is titanium based alkaline fine powder. It manages coating weight and coating crystal structure of phosphate coating. It accelerate for smooth finish & fine structure phosphate coating.

Phosphating Chemical

  •  Jaavaa Phoscoat 625 – This product is zinc phosphate modified new age tri cation chemical. It’s working temp. At 45-50 °C. Ws give microcrystalline, smooth finish, uniform grey coating and coating weight is 1.5 to 3.5gm/m2 its running in both process (Dip and spray). This is low singe (1.5 to 3.5 gm/m2) formation product. It gives excellent adhesion with paint
  • Jaavaa Phoscoat 626 – This is tetra cation product. It gives excellent coating in hot dip process. Product mostly used in high gauge sheet or HRC sheet.
  •  Jaavaa Phoscoat 627 – This formulation working in room temperature (27*5 C). It gives microcrystalline° , smooth finish, uniform grey coating. This is trication, nickel modified chemical.its running in both process (Dip and spray)
  • Jaavaa Photos 628 – This tri cation phosphating chemical. it is running in both process (Dip and spray).This is specially modified for MS,GI, CRC GPCPand cast iron.
  •  Jaavaa Phoscoat 629 – It is manganese iron phosphate chemical. It gives smooth finish and heavy coating weight use for unpainted pans. Coating thickness is 7-10 micron.

Passivation Chemicals

  • Jaavaa PC- 301 – This is chrome base passivation chemical. This product give corrosion protection of phosphate coating. This will use in spray & diping process.
    Chromatizino Chemicals:-
  • Jaavaa ALCR-2001 – This product use for aluminium & aluminium die-casting metal treatment. It provide golden to dark brown coating. This is chrome based chemical.
  • Jaavaa ALCR-2002 – this product use for aluminium and aluminium die-casting metal treatment. It is provide colourlesscoating. This is chrome based chemical.

Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals

  • Degreasing Chemicals
  • De-Rusting Chemicals
  • Surface Activation Chemicals
  • Dip and Spray Phosphating Chemicals
  • Passivation Chemicals
  • Chromatizing Chemicals
  • Nano Coating Chemicals – (Chrome & Phosphate Free)
  • 2 inl Chemicals
  • 3 in 1 Chemicals
  • Iron Phosphating Chemicals
  • Chassis Cleaner Chemicals
  • Antistatic and Surface Condenser Chemicals (for ABS, PP and other plastic parts)