Metal Pre-Treatment Chemicals

Our product line includes all
phosphate line systems, low
sludge phosphate systems, nano
technology chemicals iron
phosphate systems, and more.
We offer effective and efficient
solutions for a variety of
industrial applications.

Industrial Thinners

We produce all types of
industrial thinners, which are
used in many industries. Our
products are of the highest
quality and are efficient and

Specialty Chemicals

Our 2 in 1 chemicals and 3 in 1
chemicals provide effective and
efficient solutions for a variety
of industrial applications. We are
always developing new and
innovative products to meet the
ever-evolving needs of our

Quality Control Measures

Testing and Analysis 

We test our products rigorously to
ensure they meet the highest
quality standards. Our products
undergo extensive laboratory
analysis and testing to confirm
their effectiveness and reliability

Process Control

We use the latest technology and
equipment to monitor and control
our production processes. This
ensures that our products are
consistent, reliable, and meet the
specific needs of our customers.

Certifications and Compliance

We are committed to meeting all
relevant regulations and
certifications. Our facility and
products undergo regular
inspections to ensure compliance
with relevant standards and

Research and Development

Continuous Innovation

Our experienced research and
development team is
constantly working to develop
new and innovative products
that meet the ever-evolving
needs of our customers. We
use the latest technology and
equipment to ensure that our
products are of the highest
quality and offer effective
solutions for industrial

Collaboration and Partnership

We believe that collaboration
and partnership are essential
for success. We work closely
with our customers to
understand their specific needs
and develop customized
solutions that meet their
unique requirements.

Product Testing and Analysis

Our products undergo
extensive laboratory analysis
and testing to ensure that they
meet the highest quality
standards. We conduct regular
product testing and analysis to
improve the effectiveness and
efficiency of our products.

Environmental Initiatives

Eco-Friendly Production

We are committed to minimizing
our impact on the environment
and take proactive steps to
reduce our carbon footprint. We
use sustainable production
practices and work to minimize
waste and reduce energy
consumption in our production

Green Chemistry

We prioritize the use of nontoxic and biodegradable
chemicals in our production
processes. We believe that green
chemistry is essential for
creating a safer and more
sustainable future for our planet
and our industry.

Solar Energy

We have implemented solar
panels to generate energy for
our facility and production
processes. This has allowed us
to reduce our energy
consumption and promote
sustainable production practices


Why Work for JAAVAA Chemical Industries?

We offer a dynamic and
challenging work environment
that fosters growth and
development. Our team is
passionate about delivering highquality products and services to
our customers, and we are
committed to providing
outstanding customer support
and technical expertise.

Open Positions

We are always seeking talented
individuals to join our team. We
currently have open positions for
chemists, engineers, production
assistants, and more. Visit our
website to learn more and apply

Benefits and Rewards

We offer competitive salaries and
benefits packages, as well as
opportunities for professional
development and growth. Our
team members are recognized for
their hard work and dedication,
and we are committed to creating
a positive and rewarding work

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Get in Touch

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concerns about our products or
services? Our knowledgeable
staff is always available to
assist you. Contact us today to
learn more about how we can
meet your specific needs and

Visit Our Facility

We welcome visitors to our
state-of-the-art facility. Contact
us to schedule a visit and learn
more about our production
processes and product line.

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  • Protect organization from any threat, intrusion or
  • Control over main & material gates as instructed
  • Deny entry to unauthorized or undesirable
  • Patrol the perimeter and outgoing material
  • Physical and electronic of personnel
  • Receive & guide visitors as instructed
  • Controlling electronic security systems installed
  • Maintain a close watch over suspicious activity
    outside the premises


  • Xpert security services already working with many security
    personnel at Delhi/NCR.
  • Has experience of 8 years in Security & exhibition
  • Experts in emergency arrangement of manpower.
  • Handle several successful project in past.
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